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Ordinance 2016-02


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The Kitsap Public Health Board approved Ordinance 2016-02, "Secure Medicine Return Ordinance - Regulations Requiring Safe Medicine Disposal," on December 6, 2016. Kitsap Public Health Board Ordinance 2016-02 requires a producer provided, and funded, product stewardship plan for the safe collection and disposal of unwanted drugs from residential sources. The purpose of this letter is to notify your company of the new regulation and deadlines related to the implementation of stewardship plans.

Deadlines for implemention of plans are as follows:

February 4, 2017:
Producers must notify the Kitsap Public Health District (Health District) of their intent to participate in a stewardship plan; retailers with a store label drug must notify the Health District that their manufacturer intends to participate. Instructions for how to notify the Health Disttrict may be found below.
April 6, 2017:
Producers must notify the Health District of the name and contact information for thei r stewardship plan operator. Producers and/or stewardship organizations must notify all authorized collectors of an opportunity to participate as collector.
June 6, 2017:
Producers must submit a proposed stewardship plan for Health District review.
The stewardship plan(s) must begin operation within three months after Health District approval.


Please submit your notice of intent to participate by February 4, 2017:

*The NOTICE OF INTENT TO PARTICIPATE must include the following:
  • Producer Company Name
  • Business Mailing Address
  • Contact Name & Phone number (Email is optional but recommended)
  • Name, mailing address and Contact Information of the STEWARDSHIP PLAN OPERATOR (IF KNOWN)**

  • **Note: if you do not submit the name, mailing address and contact information of the STEWARDSHIP PLAN OPERATOR, it is due to us by April 6, 2017.

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