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At the September 4, 2018 regular Health Board meeting, the Board approved Ordinance 2018-01 Drinking Water Supply Regulations, (replacing existing Ordinance 1999-6) to address Group B public water systems and private water supplies.  The new ordinance is effective immediately, however, specific requirements have six (6) and twelve (12) month effective dates.  Please find more information here.


All Group B water systems are required to test for bacteria on an annual basis and nitrate every 3 years at a minimum.  Samples must be analyzed by an accredited laboratory.  Some local laboratories send the Health District copies of the analytical results to add to your water system file, but it is the water system’s responsibility to ensure that sample results are sent to the Health District in a timely fashion.  Please ensure that you put your water system ID number on the sampling slip and mark “Group B public water system” so samples can be correctly tracked.  You may have received a sampling reminder in the mail, if you have questions about the reminder card, please contact us at 360-728-2235.  You can also email electronic versions of your sampling results to


Keeping your records up to date is very important when managing a Group B water system. The types of information that you should typically keep are:

  • All water test results
  • Annual monitoring Permit
  • Water System easements and agreements
  • Protective well covenants
  • Plans of the water system and distribution layouts
  • Copy of the well log (may be obtained from the health department)
  • Flow test information
  • Records of past repairs of both the equipment and well

The Health District has records on each Group B water system in Kitsap County. The types of information we keep include water test results, contact information for the system, connection addresses, water system plans and recorded documents.

When information about your system changes, please notify our office. You may fax, mail or email the written changes so it becomes part of our records. This will allow us to keep the most accurate records and be able to contact the right people.



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Washington State Department of Health (DOH) Group B Water Systems resources

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